Worldwide, 18+: On Snapchat? WOW air seeks 4 ‘SnapTravelers’ to send on free trips to Iceland + 3 destinations of choice


Snapchat ‘SnapTravelers’ wanted by WOW Air

What’s better than winning a free trip to Iceland? Winning one of FOUR trips, including Iceland, plus 3 of your own choosing, provided they are one of the 28 destinations that WOW Air serves.

A new WOW Air competition seeks four “creative, fun and interesting people to travel across the world for free and share their journey with our friends on Snapchat this summer.”

After the winners are announced on social media on May 17, the 4 SnapTravelers will be flown to Iceland to meet the WOW marketing team and go over every detail of the program. From then on the mission will be to travel between any of WOW air‘s 28 destinations and share the journey with our friends on the WOW air Snapchat account (wow-air) and some of our other social media channels.

Each SnapTraveler will go on 4 trips, lasting 3-8 days each. Flights, hotels, activities and a travel allowance all paid for by WOW air. So you travel for FREE! Also, you will gain massive social media exposure and some priceless memories. 


Create a Snapchat story in English, keep it under 2 minutes, save it to your phone and upload through the application page. Snap, save and upload: Your Snapchat story is your application. 

Open to worldwide applicants, 18+: Each “applicant must have good command of the English language and be able to express yourself and your ideas clearly in English.” Full Terms + Conditions here.

Free to apply by May 8, 2016.


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