What is World Life Experience? 1 Year, 12 People, 40 Destinations

World Life Experience takes a group of 12 people from various parts of the globe on a journey to travel across 40 countries, discovering different ways of life, collaborating with local social action organizations, and sharing insights on what they experience.

World Life Experience aims to raise awareness for the world’s social and cultural diversity, bringing people from various parts of the globe to journey across 40 countries, discovering different ways of life, reporting on current issues and helping with social causes.

All expenses are covered – travel, lodging, food, local experiences, insurance and basic healthcare.All activities and experiences are planned and completed as a group.

Where will participants go, and what will they do?

You can check all 40 destinations in Locations.
Activities are focused on culture, leisure and social responsibility.
Group participants will engage in different activities, and will be required to share their insights about what they’ve experienced, either in writing, through photographs or video.

Who Can Register?

Anyone between 20 and 35 years old Intermediate in English.

What is the Application?

After registration, candidates who fulfill the basic requirements will be invited to complete their Application.
The Application requires a 9€ payment (taxes included), which includes:
* A donation of € 2.50 for NGOs that are linked to this project and work in one of the following areas: Combating hunger; Human rights; Children’s rights; Animal rights; Refugee relief; Health care. This donation will go directly to NGOs that join in the chosen area;
* A 4,82€ application fee;
The Application requires a written test for profile validation.

What kind of people will be selected?

World Life Experience will build a team of 6 men and 6 women with specific profiles. We are seeking a diverse group that will work as a team in all planned activities.

What is your selection process?

Throughout July 2017, the Selection Team will evaluate the applicants’ questionnaires to determine their values, communication skills and psychological profile. This process is developed exclusively by an independent entity, CEGOC, specialized in analysis, selection and recruitment.

The World Life Experience

The twelve participants will start their journey in Lisbon, Portugal on September 15, 2017.

After that, only registered users can access the Application phase.

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Comments ( 3 )

  1. Rach | June 29, 2017 Reply Comment

    Sounds fascinating. I have applied, but I am a little apprehensive. I’m from Kenya and I’m not sure what my chances of being selected are.

  2. Cherry Teravainen | June 19, 2017 Reply Comment

    This sounds amazing!

    • Tiffany Owens | June 20, 2017 Reply Comment

      Thanks, Cherry – we thought so too! Hope this means you’re applying…

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