The Working Traveller calls MDN “A Great Facebook Page for Finding Work Abroad”

From the article: “Like we try to do on our own Facebook page – the content of which MDN frequently and kindly shares, describing us as a European sister site – Modern-Day Nomads mixes things up with a smattering of travel content shared from travel blogs to complement the working abroad ideas.” Read the article in its entirety here.

We’ve been a long-time fan of The Working Traveller. Just as MDN feature the best work-to-travel jobs and opportunities for the North American globetrekker, their site is geared toward EU citizens, but often feature opportunities that U.S. + Canadian citizens can also apply for as well.

In fact, because we have such similar missions, but for our respective fellow citizens, we like to refer to The Working Traveller as our “sister site!” If you’re looking for new opportunities abroad, be sure to bookmark their “Jobs Abroad” site or subscribe to their free email newsletter.

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