‘The Digital Nomad’s Guide to Working Anywhere on Earth’ – great list of resources from FastCompany (including MDN!)

“Twenty years ago, a Hitachi executive named Tsugio Makimoto predicted a revolution.

‘In the future,’ he wrote, ‘high-speed wireless networks and low-cost mobile devices will break the link between occupation and location.’

The authors also couldn’t have predicted the rise of the digital nomad industrial complex, an entire industry created by and for digital nomads. Whether you’re a digital nomad, aspire to be one, or if you simply travel on business or vacation from time to time, you can benefit from this burgeoning industry.

The real impact of Makimoto’s vision isn’t the possibility of a strange untethered lifestyle for the few. It’s that technology may eventually turn us all into digital nomads. After all, a digital nomad is just another name for a remote worker.

Jobs to Go

For many, the biggest barrier to living nomadically is occupation. How do you find a location-independent job?

Gallup found that remote work opportunities are ‘increasing across most industries that Gallup has studied.’ Still, the majority of digital nomads are freelancers or small business owners, and a disproportionate number of them are developers or content creators of some kind.

Modern Day Nomads curates mostly non-tech, temporary, seasonal, and part-time global jobs.”

Read the article in its entirety on Fast Company here.

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