Woods Canada seeks 2 Explorers to be paid to travel the Trans Canada Trail, May-Sept


Title and Overview

Woods Canada is looking to contract with two persons for the role of Woods™ explorer.

The two Woods™ explorers will be engaged for the 2015 program and work and travel together as a team. Interested parties can submit their application video as a team or as individuals.

The selected applicants will travel across Canada on the Trans Canada Trail (TCT) visiting key points of interest while producing compelling content about their journey. Each week, our explorers will travel to a unique destination along the TCT with the intention of covering a wide range of Canada over the 5-month journey. Travel will not be necessarily continuous and may involve driving or flying to different debarkation points in order to maximize our geographic reach.

The position runs from May 12, 2015 until September 30, 2015.

Applicants who are shortlisted in the selection process must be available for videoconference and/or live interviews from May 5 to May 11, 2015. Travel will be arranged and paid for by Woods Canada (up to a maximum value of $1500).

 Purpose of the Role:

Woods™ explorers are outgoing, adventurous, outdoorsy, knowledgeable and personable individuals who will share their love of the Canadian outdoors as they explore the Trans Canada Trail.

As a brand, Woods™ is all about encouraging Canadians to get outside and explore the Canadian outdoors. There may be no better way to embody this notion than by navigating the Trans Canada Trail. The Trans Canada Trail presently includes 17,000 km of trails, which traverse our great country from Vancouver Island, to the northern extreme of the Mackenzie River to the far coast of Newfoundland. Upon the trails’ completion in July 2017, the trail will extend to 24,000 kms across Canada.

The Woods brand was founded in 1885 and has a long legacy of supporting the Canadian outdoor experience. Woods™ products include a broad range of premium camping gear, footwear and apparel. Woods™ explorers are also ambassadors of the Woods brands and are expected to be the face of the Woods brands and fully adept in the knowledge and use of Woods™ products.

Description of Role

A True Explorer, Navigator and Planner

You are a true adventurer who thrives on exploring the Canadian outdoors across a range of geographies and in all types of weather conditions.
You are comfortable hiking, climbing, paddling, portaging and swimming on your journey. Note – more extreme disciplines like technical mountain climbing or canoeing through rapids will NOT be a requirement of this job.
Woods™ explorers will be tasked with scouting out points of interest and inspiration as they traverse the TCT in order to generate compelling and share-worthy content. They will also be tasked with conducting their own travel research and liaise with local experts as they plan their journey on the TCT.
You are a Woods™ product and brand expert

You will develop a solid understanding of the heritage, history and attributes of the Woods brand.
You will establish a thorough knowledge of all Woods™ products including their use, attributes, features and benefits.
As part of your journey, you will put our Woods™ products to the test in the manner that these items support all aspects of your daily adventures. You will give us product feedback, provide tips and tricks to share with consumers and let us know what you think: especially when the conditions get tough. You will also help us find genuine and interesting ways to speak about the Woods brand and our products that truly deliver consumer benefits and inspire consumers.
Be Respectful of the natural environment

Explorers have a deep respect for the environment and leave nature just as they found it.
You are Content Creator and Story Teller

The travels of the Woods™ explorers are to be documented with engaging photographs, video footage and journal keeping.
Woods™ explorers will be provided a framework for gathering content but also intuitively know how to capture compelling moments and memories which are authentic and true to the Woods brand.

Skills / Requirements

You have experience in the outdoors with camping, tripping, canoeing and orienteering. You also don’t mind be isolated in the great outdoors for a few weeks at a time.
You get social media and are a skilled communicator. You are an avid social media contributor and content creator.
You are both a leader and a team player. You have been a coach, counselor, manager or team leader in your previous life. You work well with people and inspire others.
Having skills in photography, videography and content production is a definite plus.
Having some experience or training in media or public relations is a bonus.
Bilingualism is a definite asset.


A weeklong training program will be conducted immediately following selection of our two Woods™ explorers and the execution of a contract with each in early May. The training program will be designed to deliver brand and product training as well as to augment essential skills captured in the ‘skills/requirements’ section.


Woods™ explorers will be provided with a full wardrobe of Woods branded outdoor apparel, which is to be worn while representing the Woods brand.

Deliverables and Conduct

Our Woods™ explorers will be obligated to provide regular, transparent and timely communication with our management team while in the field. Communications gear will be provided to serve this need.
There is also a requirement to ensure the regular delivery of creative content (video, photographic assets, journals/blogs) to our management team to prescribed timelines and production quality standards (note – subject to available technology/internet coverage).
You will seek to deliver accurate and timely reporting of all program related expenses.
A high level of positive energy is essential as a Woods™ explorer.
You will embody our brand values while interacting with the general public and/or producing public facing branded content.
You must comply with all local, provincial and federal laws.
Gear is core to the experience and it is imperative that vehicles, technical equipment and Woods gear be handled with proper care with operational standards be maintained at a high level.
Safety and common sense are critical to this program’s success. Basic safety guidelines (ie. Wearing of lifejacket while boating) must be followed at all times. The team must also avoid situations that might put them at risk. Note – There is no intention to put our Explorers in a position whereby the conditions are unsafe. Professional guides may also be retained to escort our Woods™ explorers in more remote/challenging locations.
Compensation and Work Term


A 5-month contract from May 12th to September 30, 2015.
The program requires Woods™ explorers to be working 6 days a week for the program duration


$20K for the 5-month term, payable on a monthly basis
A bonus of $2000 payable upon the completion of the term subject to the discretion of Woods Canada
Expenses to be covered by Woods Canada (upon the delivery of relevant back up documentation):

All related travel costs (flights, car rental),
Accommodations (hotels, camp fees)
A per diem of $300 per week per person will be provided to cover food/beverage and miscellaneous costs.
Outdoor Woods branded apparel costs


Apply as an individual, or as a pair. Submit a 60-second video and tell us why we should choose you.

Click here to apply; submissions are due by April 17, 2015.

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