The Travel Junkie Mentorship Program Scholarship Grant 2014: Call For Applications


The Travel Junkie Mentorship Program is a new distance learning and travel blogging mentorship initiative by for those who wish to further their personal travel blog vision and goals.

The program is conducted one-to-one using the online platform over a period of 2 months.

We will be awarding 2 grants to talented young travel bloggers in the world interested in travel blog mentorship. Our grants are awarded based on the merits of the application and potential of the applicant’s work. The aim of our Grant Programs is to provide travel blog learning and access to young, dedicated talents from all over the world.

The 2 key ingredients of the Travel Junkie Mentorship Program are Collaboration and Time. The Program seeks to create an environment of collaboration between mentors and applicants where the primary focus is to discuss, incubate, and develop the applicants’ personal travel blog. The Program also recognizes the value of Time – time for in-depth discussions and mentor relationships, time for applicants to react and respond to feedback, and inturn develop and realise projects or personal travel blog goals.

Applicants may join the Travel Junkie Mentorship Program to work on a blog project or series, build their travel blog portfolio, or to explore and strengthen their personal travel blog. The program is open to motivated, independent travel journalist of beginner to intermediate levels, interested in all manner and categories of travel blog.

Program Format:
01). The Mentorship Program will be facilitated through a series of online mentoring sessions administrated by The Travel Junkie over the course of 2 months.
02). The Mentorship Program will be goals-driven with sessions focusing on identifying and discussing personal vision and mision, design and branding, photography, SEO and social media, through travel blog.
03). Online sessions will be a combination of one-to-one with mentors or wherever possible, group sessions with other applicants or guest travel bloggers and mentors.
04). Applicants can expect progressive feedback & critique throughout the program on their development and/or projects.
05). Wherever possible, options for practical face-to-face consultation will be available.

Program Basic Requirements
1. Access to Internet connection
2. Suitable communication tools: Email and/or Social Media Profile eg. Facebook/Google+/etc

The Travel Junkie Mentorship Program is mentored by Bowie Holiday.

To apply for this The Travel Junkie Scholarship Grant, please follow the instructions below.

Send an email to with the subject header: THE TRAVEL JUNKIE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM GRANT APPLICATION, along with the following information:

01. Name:
02. Nationality/Country of Residence:
03. Age:
04. Website/blog:
05. Biography:
06. Please attach a written Proposal and/or Concept of the Work or Project you wish to undertake during the Mentorship Program.


2 Scholarship Grants will be awarded for the Travel Junkie Mentorship Program beginning in May 2014. The Program will be conducted in English and Bahasa Indonesia.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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