Ever wished you could swap lives with another travel blogger? Here’s your chance!


 Big Blog Exchange 2014

“The Big Blog Exchange is run by Hostelling International and is an exciting and unique project where 16 passionate bloggers swap blogs and countries with each other simultaneously for 10 days – and share their experience with the world. The project was first explored in 2013 and was a great success engaging over 1200 bloggers across 100 countries.”

Important Dates:

Free to apply; deadline: September 3, 2014.

September 16, 2014: The 16 future exchangees, as well as who swaps blogs with who. Fourteen bloggers are selected from the top 100 list, and two are wildcards, hand-picked by the jury based on their content and motivation, regardless of votes.

October 31, 2014: 10-day exchange trip begins.

It’s just like Freaky Friday – except that you won’t actually inhabit someone else’s body.

I like the competition tagline: Changing the world with the power of blogs. And, don’t they, in their own way? I’d say it’s because they continually inspire us – and inspiration is always at the root of great change, wherever you are in the world!




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