Shanghai: Swatch Art Peace Hotel Artist Residencies, 3-6 months, airfare + visa assistance + housing


Shanghai: Swatch Art Peace Hotel Artist Residency welcomes Artists, 21+, from around the world to live and work in artist studios on the hotel premises for periods of 3 to 6 months.

Invited artists receive business visa assistance, round-trip airfare to Shanghai, accommodation, housekeeping service + daily breakfast. Artists who are invited to participate in the Swatch Art Peace Hotel will live + work on the second and third floors of the hotel in studios made available to them at no cost, including a continental breakfast.

Eighteen modular apartment-workshops can accommodate around forty artists per year, giving them the unique opportunity to discover Shanghai, to establish contacts with each other and to work on parallel or joint projects of their choosing. Eight studios are designed so that artists have a working space at their disposal which is separate from their living quarters; ten incorporate the workshop into the living space. The type of activity and the needs of the artists determine the type of housing to be awarded. Workshop space can also be shared.

“As the artists are accommodated at the invitation of Swatch Group, they are only asked to leave a “trace” of their visit, typically a piece of art created by the artist during his or her stay. The traces will become part of the Swatch Art Peace Hotel Collection and will be presented to the public in the Virtual Museum.”

Full guidelines here (.pdf).

Ongoing applications accepted.



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