Peace Corps Volunteers (Former + Future): Other Places Travel Publishing wants you to create a guidebook on your country of service



Become a Travel Writer and Researcher

Do you have unique insight into your country of service? Are you passionate about its history, people and culture? Do you know those hidden spots along with practical information for travelers? Can you write with flair? If so, Other Places Publishing would love to hear from you!

Our vision is simple: to have Returned Peace Corps Volunteers write travel guides about their countries of service. We believe that RPCVs know their countries of service better than anyone and possess invaluable information for travelers.

We are particularly interested in PCVs who will COS in the next 1-6 months and wish to remain in-country to research and write a travel guide. We will, however, consider all PCVs and RPCVs willing to remain in-country or travel to their country of service. We’ve also published a couple of travle guides written by locals (not RPCVs) with strong ties to their countries of residence.

If you’re up to the challenge, tell us a little about yourself and the region, country or city you’re interested in writing about. Shoot us an email at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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