Worldwide: Call for entries to Oceans of Life Photography Competition to win trip to Antarctica

Oceans Of Life 2014 1st Place – Chris Fallows – Old Man behind the Pilots ©

Oceans of Life Photographic Exhibition

BirdLife South Africa’s Seabird Conservation Programme once again will exhibit photographs for the annual Oceans of Life Photographic Competition. The exhibition includes stunning photography of a wide array of marine biodiversity, including seabirds, cetaceans, fish, as well as coastal species from around the world.

The Oceans of Life Photo Competition highlights and addresses issues relevant to the entire marine life environment. Only photographs taken from January 1, 2012 through August 15, 2015 will be accepted for judging. This is a National Marine Week Initiative.

Objectives of the Oceans of Life Competition

  • Creating awareness of the importance and plight of the marine environment targeting the general public and people of influence (teachers, corporates, decision makers etc);
  • Changing behaviour- providing people with concrete actions that they can take up to help the marine environment i.e. make it practical;
  • Create a groundswell of public demand for change in lifestyles and industry practices;
  • Mobilise resources for the Festival in general and conservation research;
  • Advocacy and Lobbying initiatives: targeting higher level decision makers for systemic change.

Vision and Values

  • For the public to be inspired by ocean life and how important it is to protect, use, sustain and treat responsibly/respectfully;
  • To leave with a newfound respect for the ocean, and how it affects me as an individual and the country as a whole in terms of job creation, food security, social issues, socio-economics, livelihoods, sustainability etc.
  • To develop an actively engaged society that is informed and inspired towards celebrating and sustaining our oceans.

$10 (USD) entry fee by August 15, 2015.

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