7 Sites for Non-Techie + Creative Digital Nomads to Find Remote Jobs + Meaningful Work


Now hear this: You don’t have to be an expert programmer or travel to a new country every week to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle. Many do, but the definition has now become much broader for the travel-inspired.

As roving property caretakers for the last decade, we’ve never quite fit the classic digital nomad definition either. We travel to wherever our next dream jobs may be to live and work, but it’s more of a slow travel, with the added advantage of staying somewhere a bit longer to delve a little deeper.

A recent article in Forbes defines it as such: “You don’t have to work in tech to be a digital nomad, you simply need to use technology to earn a living and conduct life in a nomadic manner. That could mean networking with relevant companies or parties to find jobs or using the web and social media to market your offline services.”

While the possibilities are endless, it takes some planning and know-how to create a moneymaking niche of one’s own. Here’s 10 of our favorite job-search sites (in no particular order) for nomads of the creative class that may offer some inspiration along with some money in your pocket to keep traveling.


Nomad Projects: Side Projects for Digital Nomads

Need to find a new side gig? Have a project idea that you’d like to find other nomads to help you with? “Nomad Projects is a platform for digital nomads who want to start a side project. Connect with other nomads so ideas don’t stay ideas, but grow into a side project with diverse expertise.”

Founders Thom Wensink + Linda Even started Nomad Projects with the belief that “life isn’t all about work and that you should enjoy what you are doing. This means that starting a side project is all about building something awesome, something you’d be proud of. We hope to inspire you to bring your ideas to life in an awesome side project.”

Free to register on Nomad Projects or post side projects to find worldwide collaborators.



FlexJobs was founded in 2007 by jobspace pioneer Sara Sutton Fell while looking for a flexible job after starting a family and becoming “frustrated by the junk and scams that wasted her time.” FlexJobs began because she knew that others had to be frustrated as well trying to find a telecommuting, part-time, freelance, or flextime job.

The Advanced Job Search page offers options to select different job locations or types – including 100% remote work/telecommuting.

Register here and use promo code ‘NOMAD’ to receive 30% on your choice of job-hunting subscription.


ECOCLUB Ecotourism Jobs

Want to work around the world in the sustainable tourism industry?

ECOCLUB.com offers worldwide job listings and information on worldwide ecotourism jobs, including FT + PT vacancies, paid internships, consultancies and other business or academic opportunities primarily in the fields of Ecotourism, Responsible Tourism, Community Tourism, Wildlife Tourism, Adventure Travel, Wildlife Conservation, Naturalist Guides, Protected Areas Management, Field Biology, Environmental Management and International Development.

€29 for lifetime membership fee.


Good Food Jobs

Calling all foodies: Good Food Jobs is a gastro-job search tool, designed to link culinary-enthusiasts looking for sustainable food work with like-minded businesses. GFJ posts opportunities with farmers and food artisans, policymakers and purveyors, retailers and restaurateurs, economists and ecologists.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 6.51.44 PM

GFJ also offers “work remotely” and “outside of U.S.” search options under ‘location’ to filter the latest opportunities. Recent jobs have included remote Recipe Editor and Social Media Manager for sustainable food brands, International Sales + BizDev, Traveling Private Chef for bike tours and yachts, artisan food-making apprenticeships with housing, and much more.

Free to search and apply for jobs on Good Food Jobs.

The Jobs Abroad Bulletin logo

The Working Traveller’s Jobs Abroad Bulletin

Since April 2000, The Jobs Abroad Bulletin has been run by Shane Donovan and Deirdre Higgins, who travel the world cheaply and look for ways that others can too. They also edit The Working Traveller, and a number of other sites, often while traveling or living abroad. JAB has been produced, among other places, in Bali, Amman, La Paz, Penang, Auckland, Corfu Town, Ko Samui and Beirut.

We’ve been a long-time fans of The Working Traveller. Because we have such similar missions, but for our respective fellow citizens, we like to refer to The Working Traveller as our “European sister site.” Just as MDN features the top work-to-travel jobs and opportunities for the North American globetrekker, the Jobs Abroad Bulletin site is geared toward EU citizens, but often feature opportunities that US + Canadian citizens can apply for as well, especially in the education, media, hospitality and ecological sectors.

Free to register and apply for jobs on Jobs Abroad Bulletin. Subscribe to their free email newsletter to get the latest listings, sent weekly.



Want to make the world a better place? Idealist has connected idealistspeople who want to do good for the greater goodwith opportunities for action and collaboration, for 20+ years. Find paid jobs and internships, as well as humanitarian and green-oriented volunteer opportunities around the world.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.12.43 PM

Advanced Job Search options include a “remote results only” option under “Location.”

Spanish language (idealistas.org) + French (idealiste.org) versions also available.

Free to register and apply for jobs on Idealist. Subscribe to their free email newsletter to get the latest listings, sent weekly.


Did we miss your favorite site to find remote work? Let us know in the comments.

Further reading: Check out MDN’s Top 10 Sites to Find a Property-Caretaking Job post for more creative job-search sites + ideas.

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  1. This looks like a super useful resource! I’m definitely going to check out Good Food Jobs and FlexJobs. I feel like I’m always trying to fill in gaps, and I’m happy to find things that aren’t scams!

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