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Share Interests, But Prepare To Fly Solo A Bit

Interests may be alike or not, so make sure you two talk about what you want to see or do. Tiffany Owens of Modern-Day Nomads says her biggest travel mistake with her beau was finding out at one destination that they had different ideas about what they would be doing. “Be sure you both have similar goals before you depart,” says Owens. Don’t feel awkward about pursuing activities solo. Now, Owens says, “We’ve gone our separate sightseeing ways during the afternoon, with plans to meet up for dinner.” Or find a middle ground. Jennifer Miner, co-founder and co-owner of The Vacation Gals, suggests that if one of you loves adventure travel — while the other remains cautious — join in on a “soft adventure” like moderate-level hiking to start. “And if one of you absolutely cannot stand something the other wants to do, then by all means part company for a couple of hours and rejoin later.”

Weigh Dollars and Sense

Some people are planners; some are not. If she is good with research or he is better with numbers, divvy up responsibilities. “I would advise [you both] to agree on who’s in charge of what planning,” says Sofie Couwenbergh of Wonderful Wanderings. Let one person book accommodations, and other, transportation or outings. Apply it toward budgeting too. Owens finds dividing up trip costs by assigning each of us to pay for specific pieces helpful, while Alana recommends splitting costs down the middle. However, adds Alana, “don’t let an exact division of the amount spent make you stressed out.” Need help? Budget according to how much you have to spend, says Alana. “Use trip expense apps to track your spending as you go.”

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