Meet the Newest Member of MDN’s Team!


We’re thrilled to introduce fellow nomad Chelsey Perron as the newest member of MDN’s editorial team! Her impressive travel background, work history and interest in the nomadic travel life makes her a perfect fit to help us bring you the latest, greatest work-to-travel jobs and opportunities.


To start, Chelsey will be heading up the re-launch of MDN’s free newsletter – subscribe here! Read on to learn more about Chelsey, follow along with her travels and join us in giving her a big nomadic welcome to MDN!


How were you first introduced to the traveling/nomadic life?
I grew up in a military family moving every couple of years, so condensing my life into boxes has never felt foreign to me, but it wasn’t until college that I really began exploring other countries and was hooked. My first study abroad trip for 5 months in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the numerous solo trips taken while there were the building blocks to my current obsession for adventure travel.


What’s been your favorite work-to-travel job so far?
I’ve been really lucky with my opportunities to work and live abroad. Volunteering at a brand-new National Park in Patagonia, Chile was a life-changing experience, but the job that really showed me how good the work-to-travel lifestyle can be was in my position with Outward Bound Costa Rica. If I was going to settle into office life, having a 9-5 in the middle of the Costa Rican rainforest was the way to go. It ticked all the boxes for the perks that overseas jobs can provide: free tours and expeditions (part of my sales training included being NAUI Scuba-certified after a week of camping and diving in the coral reefs of Bocas del Toro, Panama), free accommodations, travel stipends, working alongside locals, unlimited local coffee and office dogs. Sometimes opportunities like that are even better in retrospect because now I know just how good I had it and am so thankful I took the plunge and applied!


What do you hope to offer as the newest member of the MDN team?

I’ve been following MDN since it had less than 1,000 Facebook fans and I’ve been thrilled to see it grow and along with it – the community of people pursuing amazing jobs and opportunities around the world. That’s the most exciting part for me and how I hope to contribute – in building the community of “modern-day nomads.” We’re a passionate bunch and it’s so exciting to know that some of the jobs we curate might be the next big thing for a fellow traveler. I’m excited to find even more amazing opportunities and share them with the community each week…and hear back from the readers when they land the jobs!

True-to-nomad form, what are some other travel-related projects you’re currently involved with?
I’ve always got something going on. Business plans for food trucks (usually themed after my country-of-the-month) were dominating my time, but most recently it’s my personal blog. I’m re-branding and preparing for a trip that should give me tons of new images and stories to share from South America. 


What’s next for you?
What’s next is really exciting, in part because it will be the biggest trip of my life so far but also because I’ll be sharing it with my partner, instead of my typical solo traveling style. We fly to Quito, Ecuador next week and plan on volunteering/backpacking/farming our way through South America for the year. The trip is indefinite, so as long as we can find some freelance work to supplement it, we hope to go with the flow and learn as many skills as possible. Someday, we want to settle down and build an eco-lodge that travelers like us will visit to on their own whirlwind travels. Until then we’re thrilled at the prospect of only making the necessary decisions, of traveling slow and savoring the local culture, and being open to whatever doors might open along the way.  


Chelsey will be documenting her upcoming trip on her website:
“Like” the Facebook page to get updates about the trip to South America.
Photos will be shared on Instagram: @Taproottravel



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