Worldwide: Kiva Media Fellowship for Travel Photographers, Videographers + Journalists


Are you a videographer, photographer, or journalist who can’t think of anything better than traveling and capturing remarkable stories? Kiva is looking for specialized Kiva Fellows with a background in photography and videography to develop photo, video, multimedia, and/or written content in the field. Kiva Media Fellows will work with Kiva staff to conceptualize and guide the creation of content to get the word out about the power of microfinance to alleviate poverty. The Kiva Media Fellow is a volunteer position designed to uncover stories of Kiva’s impact and offer participants a unique insider experience in the international development field while simultaneously helping them develop their professional multimedia skills. A small stipend may be available to help offset some, but not all of the expenses of the fellowship.

Core Responsibilities

• Work with Kiva staff to produce video, photo and/or written content
• Produce professional-quality content to be featured on the web, in the media, and everything from billboard to television advertisements
• Interview Kiva borrowers and field partner staff
• Work with Kiva to develop innovative ways to further facilitate connections between lenders and borrowers through real stories from real users
• Contribute to Kiva’s blogging properties

Desired Skills/Experience

• Overseas experience
• High degree of flexibility
• Cultural fluency
• Background in videography, photography, or journalism
• Familiarity with various web applications
• Willingness to “be mobile” and potentially to travel to several countries
• Ability and commitment to fund the experience
• A 4-month or more commitment is ideal
• Enthusiasm for Kiva!

Additional Benefits
Kiva Media Fellows have a opportunity to access fascinating subject matter, build a portfolio and/or leverage their skills in new places and ways. It also provides participants with significant exposure for their work. With 50,000 visitors daily, is one of the top three non-profit websites in the world. Our content is also broadcast to our 1,000,000 lenders, 500,000 Twitter followers, and 200,000 Facebook fans.

How to Apply
The deadline to apply for the 25th Class of Kiva Fellows is May 18, 2014. Media Fellows must attend training in San Francisco from September 8-12, 2014, and deploy into the field within two weeks of training.

Kiva is the world’s first person-to-person micro-lending website. Kiva’s field partners, throughout the U.S. and in over 70 countries around the world, post thousands of loans to every month so that individual lenders can help fund entrepreneurs who have limited access to capital.

Note from MDN: The Kiva Media Fellowship can be applied to in tandem with the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program for additional fellowship project funding.

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