Sweden: Free stay on private Ideas Island offered to creatives


Ideas Island is a project by creativity author and professional speaker Fredrik Härén where he lets creative people stay for free on one of his three private islands so they can work on their ideas.

After he bought his first island in the Philippines as a creative escape, he wanted to share the experience when he bought a second island in Sweden. Härén promises that no guests on the island will be present at the same time, but anyone accepted to stay on the island is welcome to bring up to five friends.


The only catch: You’ll have to make a convincing case for why you should be chosen to stay, plus make a voluntary contribution to a charity if you can afford it. Applications are now open.


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  1. What happen to this site?? It says page not found! I’m so disappointed. Please let me know what happen or how to contact this gentleman for more information. Thank you kindly.

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