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Modern-Day Nomads: Property Caretakers for Hire

Are you looking to hire experienced property caretakers or estate managers who will not only meticulously care for your property, but potentially improve it as well? Look no further.

David and Tiffany in Capri, Italy

The Modern-Day Nomads team in Capri, Italy.

Modern-Day Nomads is an excellent, experienced, property caretaking team that has been immaculately caring for private estates and properties around the country since 2006. We specialize in management of multiple private HNW residences and/or historic properties and prefer coastal or international locations, but are always willing to consider any interesting locales.

Collectively, Tiffany and David have long-term experience with historic properties, arts, entertainment and tech industries, wine and food, fine art, PR and press materials, websites and social media, budgets/office management, overseeing/scheduling staff and contractors, animal care, water and general maintenance, groundskeeping, organic/sustainable and heirloom gardening, alternative/solar energy, and a variety of other specialties. In addition, through involvement in and a passion for the culinary arts, dinners created by us are lovely, well-planned meals. We are also capable of pairing and pouring fine wines with various types of food, if so desired.

Ultimately, we view these potential jobs as a welcomed lifestyle change for both of us. We don’t view such positions as “retirement” jobs, nor are we in that age bracketTiffany is an early GenXer and David a late Boomerstill young enough to perform all physical labor jobs with ease, but old enough to take our responsibilities very seriously. When not working on our assigned duties per your caretaking position, our spare time would be devoted to our respective creative projects.


Hill Country fire pit in progress, made with indigenous stone.

David working on the Hill Country firepit, made with indigenous stone. Project supervision by our former Director of Comic Relief, Mr. Chips.

David A. Waddle is an artist. Primarily a painter, he has shown his artwork in various galleries around the country. In summer 2002, he was the artist-in-residence at Mill Atelier Gallery on Santa Fe’s famed Canyon Road. A handy and all-around capable guy, David has a wide range of professional experience as a former firefighter, city water auditor, cable splicer and leak detection specialist. He is also willing to put his artistic capabilities to work to enhance your personal property. For example, at a former post, David repaired a large-stone rock wall, incorporating stairs and small cactus gardens into the new mix. In addition, he has constructed several horseshoe and fire pits of varying sizes for properties we’ve lived at and managed in the past.

Tiffany feeding the local wildlife on Orcas Island, Washington.

Tiffany Owens is a professional-turned-freelance journalist, writer and editor who contributes articles and content to a wide variety of media, both online and print. Her specialties include travel, outdoor adventure, arts and culture, wine and local, craft food and beverages. Visit to view her full resume, current projects and clips.

Please note: We are a married couple without children or pets and both hold valid U.S. passports without restrictions, as well as clean U.S. driver’s licenses.


Since 2006, David and Tiffany have been working together as the Modern-Day Nomads team, bringing a variety of professional expertise and knowledge to the table from their former, respective careers. Currently, David and Tiffany are working and residing in Portland, Oregon at the historic Fred’s Marina with 175 boat moorage slips, where David has been the resident Harbormaster (since 2011).


Past team employment has included:

  • Resident Estate Management Team for multiple HNW properties in midcoast Maine, which included management, maintenance and upkeep of 150-acre farm with nine buildings onsite, rustic private island beach cabin on 50 acres with 6 tent platforms and 6 boat moorings + 7-acre residential property with large home and detached garage with 2 boat moorings owned by private family, as well as care, maintenance, winterization and storage of fleet of boats, kayaks, dinghies and specialty vehicles: Land Rover Defender, 1960s Rolls Royce, farm truck with snowplow. (2007-2010).
  • Innkeeper/Marketing Manager (Tiffany) + Operations Manager (Dave) of historic hotel in Prescott, Arizona (2010). Had originally accepted the positions to gauge whether we wanted to take over the lease of the hotel, as a co-op business.
  • Resident Ranch Caretaker Team for 150-acre private ranch with 3 homes and 2 outbuildings in Hill Country, Texas for absentee owner who lived out of the country (2006-2007).


Contact information for past employers provided upon request.

“David Waddle and Tiffany Owens have been our caretakers for properties in Maine. We would highly recommend them. During their employment, both performed caretaking activities for our farm in Lincolnville, our summer home in Owls Head, and our island properties. In addition, they oversaw repair and maintenance on our boats and vehicles.

David and Tiffany performed above and beyond the usual tasks, improving our properties beyond their original condition. They created a procedures manual, regularly delivered activity and expense reports, and were willing to assist in any way to make our use of our properties enjoyable and effortless.

Throughout their term of employment, they remained in close communication with us and enhanced the overall enjoyment of our properties. When we decided to put our farm on the market, they worked with us to prepare for an eventual sale, inventoried and sold our old and unneeded possessions and organized our properties for their orderly transition to their new careers.

Both these individuals possess an unusual combination of practical, analytical and management skills that would benefit their future employer. It was our pleasure to have them on our properties for these past 2+ years.”

~ Robyn & Bob Metcalfe, Kelmscott Farm

“They did a great job, the place always looked wonderful… the best food this ranch has seen in all of its 60 years.”

~ R. Butler, Owner, Big Bull Ranch

“David Waddle and Tiffany Owens were employed by me from October 2006 to July 2007 as caretakers of a 150-acre ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Their duties included the daily care and maintenance of a three-acre housing compound containing two houses, a garage, a greenhouse, and a caretaker’s home, which they occupied. They also mowed and edged the large lawn areas of the compound, weeded the flower beds, and kept the lake free of moss, plants and debris.

When the owner was in residence, they prepared and served meals to him and his guests. They are excellent cooks and served a wide variety of delicious food.

For the purpose of procuring supplies for the ranch, they were trusted with a credit card and a ranch pickup. During their tenure, they restacked an old rock wall on the property and laid several nice sets of steps in the wall. In another area, they designed and constructed an outdoor circular area of rock and mortar in which to build a fire, with seats all around for conversation.

They are honest, hardworking people and worthy of trust. We were very pleased with their presence and were sorry to see them leave us.”

~ Austin Brown, Ranch Manager, Brown Ranch Group, LLC


“Initially, I chose journalism as a means of exposure to new places, people and experiences. But more and more, I found myself earning the typical dot-com living by sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen for long hours. I’ve never been much of an armchair traveler; to me, life is much more exciting ‘out in fringes of the world,’ experiencing everything first-hand. Besides, what I really wanted to do is roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty with some gardening and other fresh-air physical work.


It’s also important to note that for much of my media career, I’ve worked with celebrities and other entrepreneurs of substantial fortune and industry. I’ve always respected their need for privacy and to be discreet, both in person and with the public. These same principles apply to our caretaking jobs. After all, everyone – not just celebrities – values their privacy and quiet time. It’s a fine line to serve the client, but not be an intrusion. We understand the difference, respect those individual needs, and embrace the solitude and other rewards of housesitting or caretaking – even in remote locales.

Our respective skill sets make us a great team and caretaking has been a perfect fit for all of the things we want to do: see the world, learn new skills, earn a decent wage, and seek inspiration for new creative endeavors – kind of a ‘Room of One’s Own’ with a modern, globetrotting twist.”

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