Call for Submissions: Travel Essays for new Anthology by Go World Travel Magazine


The publishers of Go World Travel Magazine are accepting personal nonfiction travel essays for consideration in a new anthology series.

Submission Information:

“We’re looking for compelling true tales of travel that inspire, amuse, delight or move readers. Submissions should be well-crafted first-person pieces that provide insight into a destination and its people, as well as the internal or emotional journey of travel.

We’re seeking stories from around the world, and are looking for a full range of experiences, from funny or adventurous to poignant or transformational.

Story length can range from 2,000 to 5,000 words. We will consider stories that have already been published as long as the author retains the copyright and right to resell the material.

We are currently accepting submission for the following two anthologies:

Chance Encounters:
Our lives intersect with others on a daily basis. How do those we meet during our travels affect our lives? We’re interested in travel stories that explore how someone you met in your travels changed or affected your life. Maybe you fell in love; maybe someone changed your mind, made you laugh, inspired you, introduced you to something new or gave you an experience that you will never forget. How did that encounter change your travel experience?

Adventure Travel Tales:
We’re seeking true life tales of unforgettable adventure travel, from swimming with beluga whales in the Arctic to climbing in Nepal or even learning to ride a horse on the plains of Wyoming. We’re especially interested in stories that offer an emotional or personal connection with adventure travel.

Please submit your story, along with the below information, in a Word document to:

  • Story Title
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Author bio: Please provide a short paragraph about yourself.

We purchase worldwide non-exclusive rights in print and digital form. Writers retain the right to reprint their stories elsewhere.

Go World pays $75 for any story we publish in one of our anthologies. Writers receive one copy of the book, and will be promoted in any marketing for the book. Writers receive an author bio at the end of their stories.

Please note that submissions may be edited for grammar, style or length.

Due to the large volume of submissions, we will only contact you if we decide to purchase your story.

Submissions will be accepted through August 30, 2014.


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