Worldwide: How to get paid to write reviews of hostels

Not just for twentysomethings anymore. Savvy budget travelers know: Staying in hostels while you travel can save big money on accommodations.

The New York Times published a great article on how hostels have changed and how to make the most of them for your individual needs. “Unless your budget is very tight, a smaller room will generally be quieter and worth the small premium. Most hostels also have private rooms, which are their most expensive rooms, but still usually cheaper than a hotel. These can be good for couples, families, or even just an individual looking for a quiet night’s sleep.”

I’ve personally researched and booked hostels through, the world’s largest hostel database and the only website with free listings and information about all hostels worldwide. is now looking to pay travelers $10 per review (or €9, CAD$13, AU$14) via Paypal, photos encouraged. It’s like money back – or nearly half off – for every hostel you stay at and review.

Click here for more information on how to get started as a Hostelz reviewer.

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