Estonia: Worldwide recruitment of 25 tech ninjas for all-inclusive trip to interview for great job offers with relocation packages

There’s a new trend in progressive cities to actively recruit digital entrepreneurs and remote workers. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

Who’s ready for something completely different?

Round 2 of Work in Estonia’s Career Hunt is now underway, to attract top tech talent to Talinn, “Northern Europe’s knowledge hub in tech.”

Twenty-five top candidates will be invited to attend an all-inclusive recruitment weekend from May 26-June 1, with 14 innovative IT companies that are offering great jobs with relocation packages.

‘The Week in Estonia is filled with face-to-face job interviews and fun. You will get free access to local tech events, learn more about e-Estonia and our famous startup unicorns. You’ll have a taste of the after-work fun (a few hints: pure nature, traditional sauna sessions, white nights, craft beer + Nordic cuisine). For sure, this is a unique opportunity to explore Estonia like a local and consider it a place for working and living. And of course, a chance to meet fellow IT specialists from around the world.”

Free to apply by March 21, 2019.

Q: I am not an IT specialist, can I still take part in Career Hunt?

A: Not this round, but join the mailing list to stay tuned for upcoming projects and employment opportunities in Estonia. More job openings from all job categories at:

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