US, 21+: Win $100K to quit your day job + pursue your dream job

You’ve daydreamed about it. Time to make those dreams a reality!

PrAna is looking for an inspired individual to award a $100,000 prize for the sole purpose of pursuing a lifelong dream.

Applicants must “submit a 1-3 minute video that briefly details your current job and tells us what your dream job would be (you don’t have to quit your job just yet, only the finalist will be asked to do so).

When possible, show your passion in action. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, include an example of your work; if your dream is to be a pastry chef, show your dishes.”

The prAna Day Job to Dream Job Contest is open to US residents, 21+.

Free to apply by September 16, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Good luck, everyone!

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