Casting Call: Would you like to win 10 acres of land in Alaska?

NOW CASTING: The Producers of Naked and Afraid are seeking Families who want to live OFF THE GRID in ALASKA!

A Major Network with the Producers of Naked and Afraid are looking for families with 2+ kids (ideally ages 2-18) who want a more authentic lifestyle where there’s actual value in your work and family time is more than just 15 minutes in the car on the way to school.

Should you be chosen for the show, you and your family will move to Alaska for 3 months (as of now, August-November) and live with a family who’s been off the grid for 9 years. During that time their family will teach your family how to: hunt, trap, clean, fish, forage, build a house, purify water, build & maintain a garden, etc. And should you do all this successfully – you will be given 10 acres of land!

We definitely want people who are looking for a LIFE CHANGE and not just a fun 3-month vacation. The end goal is that the family will want to permanently live on the 10 acres.

To apply, send your name, age, phone number, email and pictures of your family to:

Deadline to apply: March 23, 2015.


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