Casting Call: Estate Managers Wanted for Behind-the-Scenes TV Show

The following announcement is from a media company with an excellent reputation. Please reply to them directly if interested in participating or have a referral (via

“We are seeking 5 to 6 high-end estate managers to follow ‘behind-the-scenes’ in their positions as they handle the daily obstacles of running a property, dealing with owners’ requests, managing staff, and the occasional event or party issues. Ideally, the individual managers would be able to give us full access to the staff and properties. In the interest of privacy, the owners would not be identified by name or sight, unless they wanted to participate. They will give us permission to film at their residences and with their staff. We want to follow high-end fixers as they solve the myriad of problems in the course of their duties.

As well, we would like to find clients with various properties throughout the country and with combinations that differentiate from others. Thus one estate manager might manage one large property, while another deals with multiple locations (California, Texas, Chicago, New York, Florida, London, Spain, Hawaii). An estate that frequently hosts dinners or events would be desirable. A location undergoing renovation or sale might also provide an interesting angle.

At this time, for individual candidates, we will be reviewing bios, descriptions of the estate, and hopefully a few photos of the property to help with the selection. We will be happy to reply to any questions or address any concerns.”

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