MDN included in ‘Big List of 80 Digital Nomad Job Sites’ by Hobo With a Laptop

“Judging by the number of available digital nomad job portals available these days, it’s safe to say that competition for remote work is growing as fast as remote work becomes available. Staying ahead of the curve is getting a little more difficult.

Remote Work Categories:

Jobs are organized by category, however many of the available freelance job sites span multiple categories, so we recommend you browse the entire list.

We compiled this list of 50+ nomad job portal sites to help existing digital nomads get by, and aspiring nomads to find their footing.”

Modern-Day Nomads

“Modern-Day Nomads helps you find your dream job even as you travel the world. There are job positions in categories like hospitality, education, media, and transportation. If you’d like a fully remote job, just choose the ‘Remote’ option in the category.

Cost: Free

Visit Modern-Day Nomads for more information.”

Read the article on Hobo With a Laptop in its entirety here.

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