Modern-Day Nomads is a destination for fellow travelers that are multi-skilled, tech-savvy, creative professionals who prefer a “locationless living” lifestyle or want to utilize their wide array of talents to travel the world.

We bring you a daily offering of top, meaningful use-your-creative-skills-to-travel opportunities (many with housing) in the industries of property caretaking, media/design, photography/video, high-tech, adventure/recreation, education, culinary/F&B/hospitality, transportation, green/ecological, farm/food artisan and humanitarian work, as well as arts & literary residencies, work-exchange, study programs, travel information + inspiration for globetrekking North American creative professionals in the U.S. + abroad.

Modern-Day Nomads first began in 2006, when Tiffany Owens traded a former, lengthy media career to become a successful, roving property caretaking team with her former husband, David – and hasn’t looked back since. MDN’s various caretaking jobs and travels took them cross-country, from midcoast Maine to San Juan Island, Washington, and places between.

Owens’ musings on the nomadic lifestyle: “Initially, I chose journalism as a means of exposure to new places, people and experiences. But more and more, I found myself earning the typical dot-com living by sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen for long hours. I’ve never been much of an armchair traveler; to me, life is much more exciting ‘out in the fringes of the world,’ experiencing everything first-hand. Our multi-faceted, respective skill sets made us a great team and this has been a perfect fit for all of the things we want to do: see the world, meet interesting people, learn new skills, earn a decent wage, and seek inspiration for new creative endeavors – kind of a ‘Room of One’s Own’ with a modern, globetrotting twist.”

Owens is currently living as a Modern-Day Nomad in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 2012, she redesigned what had formerly been the team’s professional caretaking website to its current incarnation as a community resource for other like-minded North American nomads to find their next creative travel opportunity.

Want to learn more about MDN?

Visit our ‘Press + Praise’ page to read interviews and features with Modern-Day Nomads in various publications, including CNN Business, Forbes magazine, FastCompany, The Wall Street Journal + Público, Lisbon’s largest daily paper.

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