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Seasonal jobs. Ever heard of ‘em?

No, I’m not talking about the seasonal jobs you can get at retail stores over the holidays. I mean short-term job adventures that take you to exciting places like Alaska, Yellowstone National Park, or the Florida Everglades.

I worked these types of jobs – at a ski shop in Colorado and a sea kayaking company in southeast Alaska – for several years after graduating from college. My friends have been biking guides in Vermont and servers in Maui. Wherever there are tourists, there are seasonal gigs.

Seasonal jobs are a great way to have an adventure while earning money, which means you still can make your student loan payments and keep up with other expenses.

Here are five websites for seasonal jobs that will have you out the door before you know it.

5 essential websites for finding adventure jobs

Although you can search for short-term job opportunities on Google, the following sites will make your life easier.

Modern-Day Nomads

A fairly new addition to the field, Modern-Day Nomads has quickly become one of my favorite resources for adventure jobs. It lists opportunities both in the U.S. and abroad – all of which appeal to travel-loving folks.

I highly recommend signing up for its weekly newsletter, which features short-term job adventures, residencies, contests, remote jobs, and articles about the globetrotting life.

If you’re serious about finding a seasonal job, spring for the premium version ($35 per year), which offers three times as many opportunities and exclusive listings available nowhere else on the site.

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