Worldwide Adventurers: Apply for the The Next Challenge Expedition Grant


The Next Challenge Expedition Grant is a new £1,300 bursary for adventure

What You Get

  • Money: Up to £1,300 (may be split between multiple winners).
  • Kit: from Exped, Primus, Berghaus and more.
  • Help: if you want it.


‘Anyone can apply. However, we are particularly interested in people who haven’t done much of this sort of thing before.’

Your trip should be:

  • Independently organised: you need to plan the expedition yourself, not join an organised tour.
  • Original: it doesn’t need to involve a pogo stick (please) but it should be something interesting.
  • Not big budget: we’d prefer to give the money where it will make a difference.
  • Happening within the next year: before September 2016.

How it works

There are three stages:

1. Initial Application

A very short Google Form with the basic outline of who you are and what your idea is.

2. Shortlist & Detailed Application

A shortlist will be invited to complete a full application form with more details about their plans.

Deadline: September 13th.

3. Skype Interview

Short online interviews with Tim.

End of September


This grant was originally set up by Tim Moss: ‘I received many expedition grants when I was younger and they helped me undertake some fantastic adventures which have shaped the person I am today. I am now in a position where I can give something back.’

This expedition grant is made possible by six adventurers and 100 members of the public.


 Worldwide applicants accepted. Free to apply; deadline: August 26, 2015.

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