MDN interviewed in new ‘Nómadas modernos, a vida numa mochila’ article in Público, Lisbon’s largest daily paper


Rough translation: “With between 250 to 500 daily visits, the site of Tiffany Owens responds to those looking for circular work. The Modern Day Nomads is a job search engine to nomads. Tiffany was surprised by the fact that nomadism “has become a new way of life” (there is a European equivalent, the Working Traveller).

Since 2006 posting ads for companies with jobs ranging from those who want to take charge of teaching English to properties in Nicaragua. Is mainly oriented nomadism in the United States, but also have opportunities outside. Tiffany, who also writes for newspapers and is the daughter of an FBI agent so grew to be nomadic, joins the sources usually use to seek employment and share them with others on the site. The rule is the payment be at least $10 per hour. Has paid services. The site users are varied and age groups as well – most always between 21 and 45 years.

Currently living in Portland, where her husband is captain of a ship, describes the two as “nomadic slow mobility because we accept jobs at certain sites and we were a year, two, three.” “We have no intention of stopping, love this lifestyle that has worked very well. Being nomadic has given us the opportunity to live in various places in the country, is much more than traveling for a short period. I feel that I get to know the places, make friends everywhere and learn to do new things. When running from one place to another is always a new chapter that opens and this is very exciting. We are always reinventing ourselves and this gives a feeling of freshness.”

Read the article in its entirety here (in Portuguese).

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