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Belize: Temp Work-Exchange Caretaker Team wanted for private island

Tiffany Owens | 10 Apr 2017
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Belize: FT Temp Work-Exchange Caretakers wanted for remote, off-grid private island and pet pig

In search of temporary caretakers for a remote island in the Caribbean of absentee owner and pet pig this summer. Mr. Piggy has lived on the island since he was 6 days old, now 15 months old. He survived the Hurricane last August and feeds himself with herbs, roots, nuts and seaweed.

We have been the current caretakers for one year and this summer we want to leave the island for some time.

Roughly, we would need assistance from mid-May to July. If we have ample applicants, it would also be possible to split the time. Caretakers could also have some overlapping time with us, It is always handy to be some more people here on the island, so the other party would have the chance to explore or go shopping.

What would work best is a young to mid-aged couple (or 2+ friends) in good physical condition who feel confident living alone on our very remote island in very simple environment. Frugal dealing with resources is required, because electricity comes from solar system and drinking and using water from rain water harvest in the rainy season. Lots of unforeseen events can happen out here, so it is more secure and convenient to be at least two people.

Accommodation for the caretakers would be in the main house – we are living on our boat, docked at the sundock, or in the bay behind the island.

This is a work-exchange situation only: While we can’t provide a salary or food, the caretaker would receive free accommodation, solar electricity, harvested rainwater, cooking facility and (hopefully) a happy and memorable stay on the wonderful Caye.

The main job would be to be present on the island 24/7. Caretakers should be handy with tools, in good physical condition, not afraid of water, animal lovers and (and this is the most important part!) being confident living together with an (uncastrated) pig!

The other thing that is important to know: If the wind is down, sandflies are prevalent around and in the main house. Some people are more, some are less, sensitive to them. “Mosquito Coils,” work well for us, but not for everybody.

Also, there is no boat on the island. You must rent a motorboat or hire our friend Bryan with his sailboat to get to the mainland for supplies or immigration once a month.

To get a better picture about the conditions out here, have a look at the renting site of our little wooden hut:

Interested parties can send their information and availability to Stephan + Verena at

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